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Reiki Master and Life Coach

About Allison

Allison Prettyman, an intuitive healer, Reiki Practitioner, and life coach,  specializes in offering healing for cancer care, which can be performed at any stage following a patient’s diagnosis. Allison, a deeply intuitive healer, is delighted to pass on the gifts she has received, and to help others diagnosed with cancer increase comfort levels mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and to live a fulfilled life from the light and love of their true self.

Allison has dedicated over 30 years to helping seekers, healers, and those in the helping professions create a life of profound depth, meaning, and inner transformation. With compassion and skill, she blends ancient and modern healing wisdom, always acknowledging that true healing is healing of the heart. She has extensive training in energy healing, Reiki, shamanic healing, touch therapies, life mentoring, meditation practices, and many other holistic therapies.

She has received extensive training from The Meridian Shiatsu Institute, The Omega Bodyworks Institute, The Full Spectrum Center for Healing and Self Transformation, The Finger Lakes School of Massage, The Upledger Institute, The Klose Lymphedema Training, Mercyhurst University's Physical Therapist Assistant program and has studied with Peruvian Shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado. She is also certified in Usui Reiki Level I, II and III and is a Usui Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master and teacher. Currently, and for the last 30 years, Allison is an ongoing student at the Full Spectrum Center for Spiritual Awakening.

Allison Prettyman provides services at Excitari Wellness Center through Allison Prettyman Intuitive Healing

New Jersey

Services Provided

 Intuitive Healing
 Life Coaching
  Reiki Practitioner
Healing for Cancer Care