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Sound Healer/Practitioner

About Angelo

Angelo holds a Certificate in Sound Healing from the Globe Institute in San Francisco, California and has studied sound engineering and music production for over ten years. As a result of providing sound healing classes, workshops, and private sound healing sessions in the Philadelphia area, Angelo is now bringing the following services to Excitari: Voice Analysis Harmony, which analyzes the frequencies of your voice and pinpoints energy areas that require adjustments, Tuning Fork Healing Sessions, and Sound Healing Sessions utilizing a plethora of sound healing tools and instruments.

Angelo’s special and unique offerings, that are now available at Excitari, include a session called ‘Everything Has A Frequency, What Is Mine?’, which allows clients to discover and understand their own unique Soul note, or what is called each person’s ‘Home Note’. In addition to this one of a kind analysis, Angelo brings the popular West Coast sound therapy device called the ‘Sound Table’.

Angelo Rizzo provides services at Excitari Wellness Center through Healing Sound Experience

New Jersey

Services Provided

 Sound Table Sessions 20 Min and 40 Min
 Tuning Fork Sessions 30 Min and 60 Min
  Voice Analysis Harmoney (VAH) 60 Min
  Sound Healing Session All Sound Tools

 Everything Has A Frequency-What Is Mine?  Find Your Soul Note/Home Note

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