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Performance Dietitian

About Anna

Anna M. Eastburn, MS, RD, CSSD, RYT, PES is a performance dietitian, dancer, yoga teacher, foodie, photographer, and jet setter at heart. Throughout her life’s journey, she discovered a love and passion for food and nutrition. She shifted gears and careers and became a Performance Dietitian. Twelve years later, she shares her knowledge and expertise by empowering others to change their lives and their health through nutrition. While her specialty lies in sports and performance, her passion is problem-solving and helping clients identify the root cause of their nutrition challenges and barriers to optimal health. She does not prescribe diets. Alternatively,

Anna promotes a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a holistic approach consisting of high-‐quality nutrition, exercise, restorative sleep, and stress management. Anna takes a practical, food first approach, offering simple and straightforward solutions to nutrition and health challenges.

Anna Eastburn provides services at Excitari Wellness Center through Performance Nutrition Kitchen, LLC

New Jersey

Services Provided

 Performance Dietitian
 Nutrition Consulting
  Yoga Instructor
Food Consulting

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