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A Note About Our Covid Safety Protocol

Excitari follows the recommended health and safety protocols outlined in NJ COVID-19 Business Information and have all the necessary supplies to properly perform cleaning the center.   

Excitari uses a medical-grade disinfectant on floors and touchpoints after every class and event as well as on patient/client touchpoints in between appointments.  

Employees practice regular hand hygiene, particularly when interacting with the public 

Sanitization materials, such as hand sanitizers and hand soaps, are strategically placed throughout every room in the center for visitors' usage at no cost to any individuals.  

Event and Class size are reduced and limited to ensure the ability for attendees to maintain safe social distancing.  

Hands-free COVID checkout options are offered and available to all clients and event attendees

Upon entry to the Center, protective masks are offered to all guests, clients, and patients at no cost to the public.