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About Michelle

Utilizing multi-pronged consciousness modalities, Michelle has helped many people of all ages and backgrounds awaken and expand their inner power, improve their lives, and construct the communication highway between the self and the Superconscious Mind (Soul).

As an educator of the quantum mechanics of the Law of Attraction, Michelle navigates clients through the Process of Creating the Life You Want through her multi-pronged approaches and through her speaking engagements. Michelle provides the following services as “now time” tools that are designed to transform spiritual growth and assist in the expansion of her clients’ consciousness.


Past Life Regression


Unlock the power of your past with a Past Life Regression (PLR) and connect with your Superconscious Mind (Soul).  

Awaken your social memory complex and explore the library of your past lives.  Practice the art of going within to explore the multi-dimensions of your mind and spirit and allow yourself to access the information you're most looking for.  

Each person has the ability, and the authority, to access their own Akashic Records which are located at the place where your heart and mind meet.  Utilizing a deeply relaxing guided meditation technique, experience your thoughts and emotions in past incarnation and retrieve the spiritual guidance and information you received after you transitioned out of that body.  

With each regression, you can begin to uncover the lessons you've learned from previous lives in order to understand your current life patterns, and have the ability to release and change them to begin living the life you deserve.


You can encounter one or more of the following:


- Begin to understand more fully your chosen relationships

- Establish and strengthen your communication exchange between you and your higher self

- Increase self-awareness, expand your consciousness

- Help you understand why you feel deep connections to places or people

- Determine if current physical ailments are remnants of past life experiences

- Discover if your current fears or beliefs are unresolved emotions carried over from another lifetime

- Heal, Grow, and Create your purpose-driven life


Future Life Progressions

Experience your inner journey through time to your future lives, or to your future in this life, and understand how your current thoughts, beliefs, and approaches in this life are affecting your future lives.

Delve into your own Akashic Records and explore the possibilities of your future lives.   Awaken your social memory complex and explore the library of your future lives and your understanding of your Akashic Records.  Practice the art of going within to explore the multi-dimensions of your mind and spirit and allow yourself to access the information you're most looking for.   

Utilizing a deeply relaxing mediation technique, understand why you chose your future lives by experiencing future incarnations of yourself and explore the answers to any question you can imagine.  

For most seekers who are on their awakening paths, having the ability to verify your current manifestational set point is priceless.  Knowing what your energy is vibrating right now, in this moment, and having the ability to change your thoughts and beliefs accordingly, is key to not only changing your current reality, but integral to changing your future possible realities.  

Whether it's recognition of souls in your future lives who are in your current life today, questions about career prospects, or relationships, you will be guided to the areas that you are most interested in exploring or examining.  Since the information you receive in the meditative state will center around areas that are the most relevant to you right now, your consciousness may also lead you to examine other areas of your life that are preventing you from living your true potential now.


Call today to leverage the wealth of insight and knowledge gained in Future Life Progressions (FLP), adjust your current life's patterns, and propel the expansion of your consciousness.


Akashic Records Guidance


Every answer to every question that you may have is stored within you.  Every solution to any problem you are facing is accessible to you now.  Retrieve the information you are most looking for - now. 

Using a safe, relaxing process utilizing guided imagery and visualization techniques that anyone can do, you will access and explore your personal Akashic Records, the soul’s super-computer-system, gaining insights and wisdom about the past, present, relationships, future, and more. 

Access any and all information that is readily available regarding current life experiences, past potential opportunities, current probable realities, and potential future experiences.  Every thought, word, emotion, and intention that has ever occurred in a person’s past, present, and future life, including all probable lives and experiences, can be recalled and experienced.

Understand how the information stored in your Akashic Records influences your everyday life, your relationships, your beliefs, feelings, and the potential realities that you attract into your life. Learn how to apply the wisdom and information to increase levels of joy, appreciation, and abundance in your current life. 

Everything you ever wanted to know, every solution to every problem you face, is contained within you.  Call today to begin your journey within.


Spiritual Development And Releasement Guidance


You are so much more than you think you are right now.  Discover the path to your true power in sessions designed to activate, expand, and release your natural spiritual abilities.  No matter what level of spiritual abilities you have already achieved, there is always more to discover lying latent within you.

Every soul on the planet is connected to the Source from which they came. Whether you call that source God, Source Energy, or All That Is, you possess natural spiritual abilities that were designed to assist you in experiencing a loving, joyous life here on Earth. 

Sharing powerful practices and techniques that will highlight the intuitive aspects of your natural personality, you can tune yourself to clairvoyant abilities, and telepathic and psychic abilities that will expand your spiritual awareness and raise your consciousness and vibration. 

Achieve your spiritual goals and call today to learn how to allow your inner compass to guide you along your continuing spiritual, awakening path. 


Vibrational Coaching


Create or expand your business. 

Attract your joyful love life.  

Take back your mental and physical health.  

Embrace your power.


Limiting belief systems are often so systemically inherent in our daily thoughts, that most are not consciously aware of how their moment to moment thoughts and reactions have created the reality and relationships in their lives.

Utilizing the quantum mechanics principles of the Law of Attraction, you will deep dive into your subconscious thought patterns and learn to manifest with ease more abundance, success, and love in to your life experience.  You will begin to change how you think and feel, and feel appreciation for your desire before the event is made manifest.  

When you begin to change your state of being, you can begin to experience the joy of creating the live you've always imagined.  Scheduling vibrational coaching sessions, you will begin to fully understand that the expression of life is equal to the happiness felt in your life - just by changing a thought.  

Throughout your vibrational coaching sessions, you will learn how to observe your new future (your Intention) , with an elevated energy, and cause infinite waves of possibility to begin to form new patterns of information called Your Life.  You'll learn why, If you observe your life from a different level of mind every day, you can begin to anticipate the next desired experience you're attempting to create in your reality.    

Living by the same emotions and secretly expecting our life to change, is what most people do every day.  Vibrational coaching sessions will allow you to break that cycle and implement the Process of Creating Your Reality.

The quantum model of reality is about causing an effect in your life, and ensuring you're a vibrational match to receiving your desired manifestations.   Scheduling your vibrational coaching sessions now is one of the tools offered that allows you to begin that journey.  

Whether you decide to book your sessions one at a time, or schedule a 6 session package, you will begin clarifying not only what you want  (setting your intention), you will learn to implement the daily tools you need to watch those intentions begin to manifest in your life.  

One-on-one coaching is available in person, or Zoom, Skype or Facetime.  Ask about the special pricing for the Coaching Session Package.

Private Individual and Group Channeling Sessions 

In an expanded state of consciousness, and through her ability to raise her vibration and connect to the family of teachers called Seth. Michelle is able to effectively and accurately communicate vibrational guidance, messages of healing, and transformational empowering information that will help you become the deliberate, purposeful Creator of your own desired life.

Those who listen to the wisdom from a broader perspective will receive guidance that helps with solving daily and emotional problems and help to find solutions to what they need to know right now.

Move forward in renewed confidence as you receive loving guidance about dealing with your fears, understanding your choices, and recognizing options available for easier decisions.

Private channeling sessions online or in your home can be scheduled for 1 to 10 persons.

Michelle Bunting provides services at Excitari Wellness Center through Beyond Abraham

Services Provided

 Past Life Regressions
 Future Life Progressions
 Akashic Records Guidance
Spiritual Abilities And Releasement Guidance
 Vibrational Coaching and Channeling
 Private Individual and Group Channeling Sessions