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Life Coaching Services

Guidance. Empowerment. Improvement.

Excitari Wellness Center provides life coaching services for virtually any aspect of life, whether it relates to a client’s personal life or professional life. Through our life coaches, Excitari provides the tools and support to broaden perspective, open minds to reach goals, and get to the heart of needs and desires. Through the co-creative interaction with Excitari’s life coaches, clients will create synergistically and elevate views of self-worth and self-belief, achieve work/life balance, and maximize potential to reach desired results. Coaching sessions offer clients new skills, mindsets, and perspectives that will help them thrive and go from where they are to where they want to be. Very simply, we’re here to provide the nurturing and encouragement needed throughout each client’s journey to become the next best version of him/herself.


Shannon Danielle