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Spreading Peace. Creating Joy. Expanding Love.

Excitari Wellness Center is dedicated to bringing together the spiritual community and assisting people on their awakening journeys. We provide a resource haven where everyone can consciously explore authentic development of Mind, Body, Spirit; and where you can be accompanied by our experienced practitioners on your own path in a nurturing, inspirational space to explore your own latent possibilities.

Committed to offering life-changing physical, spiritual, and emotional healing to clients, Excitari inspires connection, compassion, and joy by helping clients raise their vibration and normalize spiritual and metaphysical experiences.

People around the world are Awakening and seeking to elevate their consciousness and follow a lifestyle of peace and mindfulness. Whether you are new to your Awakening path or are desiring to propel your journey to your next level of shifting, growing, and evolving, Excitari is here to help in every way we can. Select from the varied menu of services offered below, harness your Divine purpose, and reemerge with your Higher Self. Excitari’s practitioners are thought leaders that offer heart-opening experiences that support our vision of an awakened, compassionate, and connected world. The following practitioners offer services, education, sharing of knowledge, cultivation of spiritual leaders, and experiential events on spiritual matters in multiple ways, such as telephone, online/internet platforms, and in person.

Services Provided by Shannon Danielle:

Individual  and Group Mediumship Wellness Appointments  Hearing from our loved ones in these sacred opportunities of Mediumship can provide confirmation of those ‘signs’ we have been receiving and trying to talk ourselves out of. The communication may provide answers to questions or regrets, teaching us that we are always more unloving to ourselves than anyone that loves us will ever be. Mediumship reconnects us to our truth, our relationship with dying, our purpose for this life and often healing practices in our grieving. 

The communication of Spirit includes more: Divine guidance to life questions, medical imbalances and connection (or reconnection) to the living where we lack communication as well as those who do not have the ability to communicate physically. 

Each Mediumship reading is a unique experience, inspired specifically for those in attendance. The absence of want allows space for the most loving communication to help us grow, to become un-stuck in the present so we experience and create more love, peace and often amazing in the days ahead. Because what is best is given, a moment of surrender and trust is needed, I do not guarantee a specific connection or communication topic. You know what the Rolling Stones said. . . ‘You can’t always get what you want, you get what you need’.

  Appointments may be scheduled for an individual or small groups and can be held in the center or by video conference.

Services Provided by Esther Phillips Clark:

Angel Card Reading - 30 Minutes

 An angel card reading is a beautiful way to receive guidance from your angels.  During the session, cards are selected from an oracle deck, using the Law of Attraction. Each reading is unique and one of a kind.  It is like entering into a warm conversation with a trusted friend and a wonderful way of getting to know your own personal celestial companions.  All your need is an accepting nature and open heart.

AngelicEnergetics™ Healing Session - 60 Minutes

AngelicEnergetics™ is an Angelic energy healing method intended to assist you in the restoration of your natural state of wellbeing.  This process, known as True Healing, empowers your potential to directly experience your own precious worth, deepen your connection with the Divine, and access greater peace in life.  As you experience healing in disrupted areas of life, awaken inner competencies, and rediscover your Essential Nature, you learn that you navigate Life’s joys and challenges more Whole-Heartedly, Soulfully, and Meaningfully.  Under the guidance of the Angelic realm, AngelicEnergetics was created to facilitate and empower you along this beautiful journey to Wholeness.

AngelicEnergetics™ & Angel Card Reading Package

60 Minute AngelicEnergetics 60 minute healing session plus a 30 minute Angel Card Reading with Esther Clark. Package Price offer listed on is for new clients only.

Services Provided by Angelo Rizzo:

Sound Table Sessions - 20 Minute and 40 Minute Sessions

The Sound table is a very powerful tool in Sound therapy. It can be used for reducing stress, centering, grounding, opening up emotional blockages and also to give energy as vital life force.  A session involves the client lying on the table, headphones are used to provide meditation music suitable to the clients needs.  Low frequencies from the music is transferred to the transducers that are attached to the table. These low frequencies cause the table to vibrate creating an inner an outer body experience. Some say it feels like a Sound massage.

In the 40 minute sound table session, the audio CD that the client received from the Voice Analysis session is utilized in concert with the sound table to provide the frequencies needed by the client. Each track is a 20 min meditative vibrational experience, and when used in this way, is an added part to Voice Analysis session.

Cymatic Resonance Tone Therapy (CRTT) - 30 Minute and 60 Minute Sessions

CRTT is a form of sound therapy based on the principle that every cell in the body resonates at its own particular sound frequency. Research has shown that there are hundreds of signature vibrations associated with healthy organs and tissues. When a cell or tissue is not at its optimal state of wellness and when there is illness and imbalance, the frequency is altered.

CRTT is a type of complimentary alternative medicine, or natural healing method based on the effects of sound on the physical and energetic bodies, mind and emotions. As a modern form of audible sound therapy it can be used to support the resolution of many health problems through the enhanced ability of your body to heal itself. Angelo uses a cymatic resonance tone therapy instrument to generate frequencies like those of healthy cells to support what the cells are trying to do naturally, therefore aiding the healing process and helping to restore the body to good health and harmony.

Tuning Fork sessions -  30 Minute and 60 Minute Sessions

Tuning Forks in Sound Therapy can be used for a number of different concerns like relieving physical pain, giving energy, opening emotional blockages, relieving stress, and clearing chakras. Tuning forks come in 2 different types, weighted and unweighted. Weighted forks are used on the body; to give vibration to the person directly. The unweighted forks can be used to clear the vibratory energy around the body ( your Auric Field) .

Voice Analysis Harmony (VAH) - 60 Minute Session

This session allows us to look at the frequencies of the voice using a program designed for Sound Therapy. By speaking into a microphone we can see where someone’s voice falls on the set of 12 notes on the musical scale. This can provide valuable information about the client on a physical and emotional level. When the information is analyzed, the musical notes that are low (as far as frequency of hits) are the ones to be addressed in a sound healing session. Possible remedies provided to the client include notes and music to listen to on a particularized regimen, foods to eat, colors to wear and look at, essential oils, and other lifestyle changes. A personal CD is provided to the client to use with the notes needed.

Sound Healing Session using all sound tools - 30 Minute and 60 Minute Sessions

In this session Angelo uses a number of Sound tools that would be appropriate for the needs of the client. Some of the tools that are sometimes used in this type of session are Tuning forks, Singing Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Digeridoo, Cymatherapy tones, Gongs, and other musical instruments. The Sound Table can also be used as an adjunct piece of Sound equipment in this type of session.

Everything has a Frequency,  What is mine session?, Find Your Home Note /Soul Note -  45 Minute Session 

In this very special Sound session we are looking for the persons Home note (Soul Note). Everyone has a Home or Soul note which does not change over the time of the person’s life. This frequency or musical note when found can be helpful to know in order to create serenity and balance. The tools used for this session are the sound table and musical keyboard, with the person lying on the table and having the experience of feeling each musical note ,only to see what one brings the most calmness/serenity.