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Applied Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Work with a certified applied functional medicine health coach to identify areas where you have opportunities to improve your health and quality of life. This service includes an extensive review of your health history, foods you currently eat, your current lifestyle and goals. Areas where there are opportunities for improvement will be identified with you, recommendations will be made and a customized action plan will be created to help you achieve your wellness goals. A monthly wellness program is available to help you stay on track.

Performance Dietician Consultation

Nutritional needs differ from person to person based on the demands of daily life. A consultation with our performance dietician can assist you and determining your individual energy needs, set a nutrition and health plan to meet your nutrition and health goals and provide additional resources to help you make health choices, optimize health, improve sleep and enhance your body’s recovery and performance, whether it is in a sport, or just everyday life. The initial consultation will include an assessment of your medical history and individual energy needs, nutrition summary and goal setting. Education is the foundation of the program. Each meeting will include new information to help you make nutritional and behavior changes to improve holistic wellness, quality of life, food choices, athletic performance, modify body composition, and improve overall health. Follow-ups will be conducted to assess changes, challenges, and progress, obtain your feedback and to establish new goals based on your readiness to move forward. Finally, an individualized meal plans will be created to fit your needs, food preferences, and goals.

Intentional Living Nutritional Coaching

Have you ever felt like you need a hand to hold, a guide to assist you in transforming yourself into the picture of joy and physical health? In this six-month program, you will meet with your coach twice a month for one hour to work together on your goals for whole body wellbeing. Each session brings a new opportunity for your own transformation through diet, spiritual practices and physical practices. Every person's needs are unique and the process is personalized for you. A free consultation is available before starting the program. Call to schedule the free consultation.