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Spiritual Teacher

About Shannon

What if you had a relationship with death? Could that relationship with death create more space for wisdom, purpose and love in your life? 


Through an unexpected reconnection to a friend in what turned out to be the last year of his life, I was left with a simple and life altering feeling, I wanted to pay attention in my life. I felt the weight of a tiny unexpected moment, that typically I would have ignored and maybe revisited at a later time - maybe. If I had ignored this tiny unexpected moment, not stopping to think of my friend and reach out to them just to say Hi, the intended series of events that unfolding Honoring the last year of his human experience and revealing my purpose, my gifts of Spirit, my journey to unfold in the space of dying, a gruesome and gorgeous ever present life in love. 


My journey , in all of its roller coaster moments in Spirit continues to guide my life. Today, I choose surrender in honesty, healing in reflection, wisdom in grief, courage in connection to self and everything through the Divine, wisdom greater than human. Hint, it’s all (love). 


Always a student, a game changing  purpose given to me by my guru and friend, Dr Siri Sat Nam. My healing and wellness is in the ever present space of dying; accepting a relationship with death and embracing the healing death’s truth provides through candid and raw love. I embrace the opportunities in death to be kind, knowing there is love beyond my understanding to learn about and heal myself so I can be of Spirit, present and humbled to receive what is best, what is the most loving for another.  The kindness is vast: Medical Intuition, Life Guidance, relationship support, grief wellness; any and all. 


Our soul is on an individual journey, weaving through moments with others. Paying attention to the simplicity and honesty that exists in life with love, that is the space of Spirit, of Love and Mediumship. Inclusive of all beliefs and paths, death happens to all of us. The reflection of our journey of choices in life, dying and grief is our legacy. Do we know courage, and choose courage to trust our Spirit, to trust love beyond the crippling limits of our thinking or teachings? Saying Yes to Spirit means love is most important, and boundaries do not exist in Love. Death does not end love. Our lives are not perfection, just practice, we are a story after all.


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